OPLYSIS® – The award-winning job costing software with intuitive drag & drop interface.

A fast and reliable evaluation of job costing, production costs and -capacities is essential to improve your fitness in competition. OPLYSIS® is ideal for this. OPLYSIS® assists you in job costing with process chain analysis and -optimization, regardless of product, process, or company size for more cost transparency and more cost efficiency. 

The user-friendly interface of our job costing software allows an intuitive modeling of process chains to improve process- and product cost calculations, as well as job costing. 

OPLYSIS® offers easy to use analysis tools that deliver significant results for determination and optimization of technological and economical figures.

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Job costing software OPLYSIS® – make better decisions quicker

The intuitive drag & drop interface of our job costing software OPLYSIS® allows creating process chains in minutes. It makes it easy to come to better decisions quicker about product development, production planning, offering, as well as sales and supply.

Examine your current production with a multitude of analysis functions and find hidden costs in your processes. All parameters can easily be changed regardless of complexity and are visible at all time.

Simulate alternate production scenarios by varying process elements or resources within seconds and use to e.g. assess investments.

Standardize your job costing and keep your team always up-to-date by saving your job costing process chains on shared databases on your server or other physical storage that you own.

OPLYSIS® – Introduction

OPLYSIS® –  Cost structures and capacities

OPLYSIS® – Sensitivity- and Scale-Up Analysis

OPLYSIS® – Process Variations

OPLYSIS® – Full Cost Accounting Support

OPLYSIS® – Break Even Analysis

OPLYSIS® – Cloud-Database

Who needs OPLYSIS®?

In short: everyone that is looking for easier job costing. OPLYSIS® is the right choice for every company that wants to optimize production processes in terms of time and costs. This includes companies of all sizes, that want to benefit of the ease of use and the comparably low price of our job costing software.

What you see is what you save

OPLYSIS® puts an end to complex Excel sheets for process- or product costing calculations. From the very beginning, OPLYSIS® was designed to have an intuitive interface to make optimizing even complex process chains and manufacturing processes easier and more efficient.

Get these benefits from job costing with OPLYSIS®:


Fast and flexible process modeling

Fast process adjustments for cost calculation

Transparency of costs and time in complex process chains

Built-in sensitivity analysis module that automatically identifies cost drivers and capacity bottlenecks hiding in your processes