We are convinced that lightweight technologies make a significant contribution to securing our very existence and also contribute to reducing production costs through material savings.

Conbility supports all companies along the value chain in implementing the best lightweight technologies quickly and in a targeted manner in the area of conflict between materials, design, production technology and specific application requirements. 

We offer our software OPLYSIS-eco© for the economic and ecological evaluation of production scenarios – independent from industries, technologies and products. 

As creative production experts with daily contact to the most modern production technologies, we support you in evaluating new technologies to maintain and improve your competitiveness.

For the digitalization of production, we offer a portfolio of consulting services and a minimally invasive IoT solution for the quick acquisition of productivity-relevant characteristic values without interfering with control systems or the need for machine modifications.

Our production machines, which have been awarded the world-renowned JEC Award several times, enable the load-, scrap- and energy-optimized processing of lightweight materials by means of placing or winding thermoplastic tapes.

Tapeplacement- and Winding Machines

Software for Calculating Manufacturing Costs and Ecological Performance Indicators

Digital Transformation in Production | Technology Evaluation

We offer two types of production machines for the production of recyclable lightweight components using in-situ consolidation. With our 2D technology, load and waste optimized laminates can be built up layer by layer with high productivity. Our 3D tape laying heads offer maximum flexibility for placement and winding.
Tape Placement Systems
We help you to analyze and optimize your production regarding costs and sustainability with our easy to use process evaluation software OPLYSIS-eco®.
We support you in increasing the productivity of your production by identifying and evaluating technological improvements and implementing digitalization strategies.

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