We accompany your idea from first analysis to lean manufacturing. Is there a market for my idea? Is it big enough? Which materials and production technologies would serve my idea best? How do I have to set up my production processes and material flows to produce most cost effective?
Our consulting offer assists you in realizing your idea with lean manufacturing from the very beginning.

Our comprehensive consulting offer for your ideas:

Market analyses

Consulting for material selection and -qualification

Technology consulting

Process cost analysis

Process optimization

Market analyses

Many ideas can be good, but you only have to think about lean manufacturing, if there is also a market for it. We assist you with an in-depth market analysis, so you can know at an early stage if your product idea is a potential blockbuster. Therefore we help you to define the market in which your product has the most potential. We analyze market size, volume, and examine market development.

Additionally, we’ll also give you an overview of important and relevant trends in your market. We will then complete our analysis by taking a close look at your competitors to sort them by size, region, and relevancy. Last but not least, we will identify your target groups and their distinctive needs.

Consulting for material selection and -qualification – the basis for lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing needs the right material at the right place at the right time. Thanks to our many years of experience in special machine construction, we do not only have an extensive market overview, but also know, which material has the right properties for your product. Based on your product idea and requirements, we will identify the material that is ideal for your lean manufacturing. And of course we put a high value on balancing cost and benefits of the respective material, as well as on production conditions. By doing so, we’ll set a strong basis for your lean manufacturing.

Technology Consulting – because lean manufacturing is a matter of technology

We want to make the best ideas economically producible. A decisive factor for this is the right process for lean manufacturing and choosing the right production technologies. Our technology consulting assists you in finding the right production technology to set up lean manufacturing of your idea from the start.

Starting with a clear requirement profile, we conduct an independent market- and technology study to find the technologies that are most economical for your lean manufacturing. After that, you’ll know if you can acquire an existing production technology, upgrade your machines, or if developing a new production line would be the most economical decision for lean manufacturing.

Process cost analysis – with the right BPM to lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing needs an optimal business process management.
Only this lets you remain competitive in the long run. With our process cost analysis, we examine your actual und upcoming process chains regarding current and future costs for every step in the process and every resource.

For your ideal business process management, we determine and consider:

  • Investment per year
  • Material costs
  • Costs of operation
  • Output per Year
  • Throughput time
  • Cycle time
  • Part costs
  • Overall costs per year

Process optimization – the last step to lean manufacturing

Starting from the prevenient analysis, we create your ideal process chain along the entire supply and value chain for a lean manufacturing process optimization. To do so, we use our award-winning software OPLYSIS® to model different production scenarios. For your lean manufacturing, we identify, create, or optimize:

  • Utilization of process steps,
  • cost and time consumption of alternative process chains,
  • bottlenecks and cost drivers,
  • scale-up scenarios,
  • and much more to pave your way to lean manufacturing.