Open to join: International Energy Storage Study for comprehensive market and technology insights

Open to join: International Energy Storage Study for comprehensive market and technology insights

Conbility GmbH launched an international Joint Market and Technology Study on “Energy Storage Systems” in collaboration with The Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) and the Institute of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) both of RWTH Aachen and the AZL Aachen GmbH. The usage of energy storage systems is of central significance for the design and shape of the future energy supply. Energy storage systems are a fundamental prerequisite for the integration of renewable energies and they offer great opport unities for increasing efficiency and cost savings in energy generation, transportation and consumption. These are the drivers for a strong market growth in the coming years from about 2.5 billion euro in 2011 to approximately 14 billion euro in 2025 in Germany. (Source:, 2015)

The proven procedure of the consortium study approach in combination with the professional expertise of the researchers, provides profound insights regarding the existing market segmentation and the variety of available storage technologies. The investigations address the entire range of storage forms, including mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical storage systems. In contrast to the most available studies, the Conbility Market and Technology study focusses, in addition to the market information, on the established and emerging key technologies on system and component level. The analysis and evaluation of the technologies enable the participating companies to identify new business opportunities for processed materials, the used production technologies and alternative business models.

In addition to the presentation of the results, the overall eight meetings and events are also focused on the networking opportunities with the other participants from various business areas. For this purpose, report meetings, workshops and other events like a joint visit to the energy storage fair are organized. The study started with the Kick-off meeting in January and the final meeting is planned for November this year. So, the study is still open to join.

For further information please contact the project manager in charge:
Lukas Kalt
Phone: +49241 8023818

Download of brochure here

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