We digitalize your production with our holistic approach:

Production Assessment and Evaluation of your Digitalization Status

Definition of your Digitalization Roadmap

Realization of Digitalization Projects - From Sensor Application to Individual Software Development

Support during your entire Digitalization Journey

Your benefits:

Increase Productivity

Reduce Cost

Increase Quality

Enable Traceability

Our Low-Cost Approach for Production Digitalization: Minimal-invasive Sensors (MIS)

Using minimal-invasive sensors,
we digitalize your production at low cost and within no time:

Use of standard sensors to collect productivity data without interfering with the machine

Acquisition of productivity-relevant production data, such as machine status, downtimes or electricity consumption

Digitalization without extensive investments in new machines, e.g. for costly machine retrofits

Reversible and flexible: MIS can be used both temporarily on a rental basis as well as permanently

Technology-independent: different types of machines from diverse industries can be digitalized - regardless of machine interfaces

MIS quickly deliver high-quality data. Data can be visualized e.g. in dashboards

Do you want to digitalize your production with low effort? Let´s talk!